Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vanity Not Tyranny? What Does That Mean?

Signs Disappearance Still Mysterious

In a comment today (Nov. 30, 2011) in the Key West Citizen's "Voice" column, there was a partial answer to my post a few days ago asking What Happened to Rick Worth's Signs?
"Occupy Wall Street is a noble cause. The ignorance and evil it unveils should be alarming to any American. I have lost my signs, but not the symptoms. Vanity, not tyranny, brought my humble protest down on Angela Street, only to be scattered about town. Get informed. Get involved. Rick Worth."
What does that mean: vanity brought down his protest? And where around town are these signs now? I haven't seen any yet, and I *am* looking.

And why hasn't the Citizen done more of a follow up? They printed a photo a few weeks back of Rick painting the sign, but now that the signs are down, why not a follow up? Is Occupy Key West too liberal a cause for our local paper?

They can't claim ignorance; I sent an email on Thanksgiving with a photo of the denuded yard.

And I have stopped by the house a few times and knocked, but never found the artist at home.

Rick, tell us more, please.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Happened to Rick Worth's Freedom of Speech?

Just a day or two ago, the side yard of this house was full of signs urging Americans to wakep, that our constitutions needs us - and other sentiments that felt in the same vein as the Occupy Movement. Suddenly the only signs on this corner say Do NOT Enter and One Way.
I noticed their absence today as I triked back from the Community Thanksgiving at Help Yourself. I was shocked! I know they were there Tuesday, night before last, for sure.

I rang the bell and yoo-hoo'ed and called to Rick Worth, the resident artist and sign maker. I hoped to find out why they were taken down. But despite the door being ajar, no one answered my halloooos.

Anyone know what happened?

Two days ago the house appeared more like this:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 Fantasy Fest Photos Reveal The Usual

The usual being a sense of humor and a fair amount of skin - in this case, the pink skin of Moby and the Dykes under a rainbow. Moby was the entry by Island Alien -- I was thrilled to be one of the sailors. It was my first time in a parade.

The float won 3rd place ...

Man with a sense of humor ... and too much hair:

Indeed, there are always wild things to be seen along a Duval Crawl, but never wilder than during Fantasy Fest.

My wildest (most revealing) Fantasy Fest 2011 photos and pictures are on Facebook ... and I am happy to add you so you can see my “friends only” photos …

Key West moaners complain that there are too many women of a certain age exposing too much of themselves, but while I personally have no inclination to bare much, I think it's wonderful to see women feel free enough to do so.

I have to say, I really don't understand complaining about FF ... if you don't like nudity go somewhere else; if the "Southernmost breasts" offend you, there are always plenty of perkier pointers ... check out my Facebook Fantasy Fest 2011 album for more revelations and for some backstage shots in the parade staging area - sunsets, sharks and rainbows:

More from the staging of Moby and the Dykes for the Fantasy Fest Parade.

Pictures from last year: Fantasy Fest 2010 photos.