Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dolphins and Crystals off Key West - Adventure of a Lifetime

A Day Retreat working with healing crystals and wild dolphin

Every year in the Spring, as the water warms up, Crystal Maven Debra Kupchok and Captain Victoria Impallomeni, offer day retreats aboard the Imp II to work with healing crystals and wild dolphin. On the day long retreat participants explore the use of healing crystals with the energy of these fascinating marine mammals.

First stop: the  playground just off Key West where the dolphin swim and dance in a deep basin. We have also encountered dolphins hunting in other areas,  but this area finds the dolphin in play mode, jumping diving and swimming under the bow of the boat, often turning belly up and looking directly into your eyes. Eye contact with the dolphin is considered to be a great blessing - and it certainly is a thrill.

The day's adventure continues with a visit to an island west of Key West that we usually have all to ourselves. On the island we set up a tarp on the sandy beach  to make shade, and Debra teaches about the healing properties of several types of crystals. There is a guided meditation, followed by a bring-your-own picnic lunch.

key west dolphin swimming under our boat's bow
Dolphin Swimming The Bow of Our Boat

Along the beach, we gather seashells and other island treasures - dried soft corals and sea whips, bits of coral, small pieces of driftwood - and together with the crystals we have brought and studied, we create mandalas in the sand.

mandala with crystals
Mandala with treasures collected from the beach

There are always more opportunities to visit with and watch the dolphin frolicking – and we have time to snorkel and swim nearby – of course, swimming with dolphin is not legal – but being close to them like this makes us feel as though we have swum with them. And we know they are not far away when we are snorkeling over the nearby coral reefs and soft coral gardens.

For more information on the retreat: Dancing Dolphin Crystal Retreats or The Crystal Cottage.

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This is not from one of the retreats, but it is not unusual to have the dolphin follow Captain Victoria to surf in her wake: