Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waves in the Sunset at Key West's Fort Zach

The ocean is warm enough for this Florida girl to swim again. The seas this afternoon were fairly rough and I swallowed my share of brine. Thank goodness for goggles.

I swim at Fort Zach, a state park at the southwest tip of the island of Key West. It’s our best beach, as it slopes immediately to a depth perfect for swimming. When the water is clear – most of the time – the snorkeling around the rocks is great. And it’s a perfect place to watch the sunset. I stay for sunset most afternoons now.

I was so entranced by the waves on this, the last day of March that I turned on my video. Here’s a taste of sunset and waves from Fort Zach … the video clips are not exactly pro, (they are much clearer on my computer than on blogger) but I just wanted to share the experience.

Check out the Navy Seals on a mission ...


Cricket said...

You could not possible know how much I needed to hear the sound of the waves tonight. Thank you.

M.-J. said...

Cricket: that's so interesting, because I was standing in the surf listening to it, and I thought about you. I was recalling that 2 minute challenge to just listen and your response.