Monday, October 8, 2012

Hotel Tips: What You Need To Know To Travel With Fido

Essential Questions to Ask When Booking a Pet Friendly Room

Is your pet not just an animal, but a full-fledged member of your family? If so, you would probably never consider going on vacation without your little pal. The hospitality industry is taking notice of the buying power of pet lovers and more and more hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals, offer pet friendly accommodations.

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Whether you are looking for a room at a large chain, an intimate little inn, or a vacation rental, there are pet friendly choices all over the world. Before m you book, though, it is important that you fully understand the pet policy of a particular establishment. Most places state the pet policies clearly on their website. With others, you may need to make a call to find out the details. Here are the questions you need answered before choosing pet-friendly lodgings:
  • Restrictions – Some lodgings will allow almost any pet with a deposit. Others, however, may allow only dogs. Still others may only allow very small dogs. In addition, some lodgings may have breed restrictions and will not allow certain breeds, commonly Rottweiler or pit bull. Get the specifics before making a deposit.
  • Costs – Many establishments charge a security deposit and may also charge additional fees for the privilege of accommodating your pet. Make sure to find out all applicable fees and their amounts as well as whether or not the fees are refundable. While it's worth it to you to pay extra for your furry friend, it's helpful to know how much you are paying in advance. This is also a good factor to use when comparison shopping for lodgings.
  • Location of the dog-friendly rooms – In many establishments, the least desirable rooms are designated as the dog-friendly rooms. Check to make sure that the pet-friendly rooms are of the same quality as other rooms. Ideally, you will want a room on the first floor with an outside entrance, so you can easily walk your dog when he or she needs to go out.
  • Availability of an Outdoor Area – Speaking of going out, is there an area close by where you can walk your dog? The last thing you want is to get up in the middle of the night and have to walk a long way to get to an area for your dog to do his or her business.
  • Vaccination requirements – Many places will require you to show proof of current rabies and other vaccinations. Check for such requirements in advance to make sure you have everything in order and be sure to pack your paperwork before you head out.
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  • Off-limits areas – If you are choosing a particular hotel or inn because of a special feature, it can be a nasty surprise to find out that your dog is not allowed there. Find out if any areas of the property are off limits to your furry companion before you make a reservation.
  • Local attractions – The vacation will be no fun for Fido if he sits alone in the room all the time. Find out if there are any dog-friendly attractions nearby, such as outdoor eating areas, parks, beaches, and more. 

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