Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fantasy Fest Photos - 2012 - Pictures from the A-Conch-alypse

I love Fantasy Fest - Key West's annual Mardi Gras style celebration – and even though I think a lot of the folks who take their clothes should put them right back on again, I applaud their freedom to let it all hang out, or rather more accurately down.

The 10 day end of October festival kicks off with Goombay on the weekend prior  -- everyone parties all week long - tutu parties, plaid parties, toga parties, headdress balls and a constant crawl up and down Duval's watering holes wearing as little as possible - and culminates in the Saturday night parade. 

Menacing Zombie
There's always a theme - and this year's was A-Conch-alypse 2012 - as in the End of the World! 

Admittedly this year’s theme was tough – while there might have been a lot of scope for clever costumes there wasn’t a lot of scope for flattering ones. After all, when the world ends, you are going to be pretty messed up … or dead.
I think that’s where the Zombie theme comes in … and as a result many folks just wore a favorite costume from their Halloween closet - or from previous Fantasy Fests. And of course, many opted to wear very little at all.*

This one had too many clothes on:

Espresso Pot
I mean, what does an espresso pot have to do with the A-Conch-alypse? Or any theme? Cute, though.

You can always count on Key Westers to reflect current events and issues in the parade - and right now we like to kvetch about the very slow project of repaving North Roosevelt Boulevard.

Not only were there curves ahead, but some Sloppy Hoe's.

My favorite float is the one I accompanied: the Four Horses of the A-Conch-Alypse:

The horses represented four Key West pestilences - chickens, iquanas, white flies and lionfish.
No one was surprised to find that the Minions of Mulcahy won "Most Creative" for this float.

Key West artists who airbrush costumes onto people are in great demand - and these next few pictures are some of my favorites from this year:

*I can't really feel I can post the more revealing photos on blogspot - so they are in a private Fantasy Fest album on Facebook - you will have to request a friendship - but I won't be hurt if you drop me after viewing the more risque albums. The Fantasy Fest Parade 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Why are they saying apocalypse with the conch in it for? It does not sound right. And why would any of them want to wear costumes that look satanic?

M.-J. said...

Well, Fantasy Fest takes place in the Conch Republic - so it is a play on words. Not sure what you're seeing as "satanic,' but there sure were a lot of zombies. Thanks for stopping by.