Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Key West - Headed for Sun & Fun

It's getting just a bit chillier than I like now in Asheville, so I'm headed to Florida. To Key West, actually. Until I fell in love with contra dancing and bought a home in Asheville, I lived on Big Pine Key, 30 miles from the Southernmost City. Key West was "downtown" but always a bit of a drive.

I've been missing the Florida Keys and its warm water, so I decided to rent a place in Old Town Key West and see what it's like to live in the middle of it all. I'll be walking or biking distance to just about everything, and I've been scouring Craigslist for the perfect conch cruiser.

Life will go on much the same .... I will dance a few nights a week, only it won't be contra; it'll be rock and roll. Sloppy Joe's - the watering home Papa Hemingway made famous - has live music every night, and on the weekends, the locals' favorite Green Parrot, has the best blues anywhere for my money. Both bars have web cams (Sloppy's | Green Parrot's) so if any of my Asheville friends miss me too much, they can look for me dancing.

I'm thinking the water will be too cold for swimming or diving, and I am not much for fishing; but I will definitely get out on the water with my friend, Donna, who has a dolphin watch charter boat (check out her home page, it's got an amazing video of dolphin blowing bubbles), and I plan to find time to sit at the water's edge and watch the sunset as often as possible.

I am renting for now, but I am thinking it would be a great time to buy a place in Key West. Apparently the real estate market there is starting to move, and if I like being right in Old Town, I might just ... you never know. Don't worry, I won't give up Asheville!
I will miss all my beloved Asheville friends and dance buddies, but I am no further away than Facebook! And I can't wait to see my Keys friends and clients ... many are both!! See you all soon!!