Friday, February 25, 2011

Morning Garden Party of One

Chalice Vine (Solandra maxima)

The chalice vine, or cup of gold, grows around the back of the compound of my Key West cottage rental.

I am quite entranced by the bud; it reminds me of a child’s cheeks full of water, ready to burst:

More Chalice Vine photos.

Courtesy of a (planned) power outage this morning, I found myself in the garden rather than at the keyboard. I have a few tomato plants, some herbs and some Ming Aralia cuttings I rooted that are doing well.

One is wired, and I plan to ‘bonsai’ it in the conch shell. The other is straight, but still wonderfully “oriental” in its look. I will probably have to carry them back to Asheville so that I can keep them watered over the summer. I’m leaving the tomato plants behind, though. ;)

Karma and the Ming Aralia

Mermaid In The Garden


Kat said...

The mermaid is awesome. I might have to borrow that idea when my Spanish moss gets a bit bigger.

M.-J. said...

I would love to see it if you do.

Cricket said...

I don't think there is anything quite as beautiful as new blooms in spring. It feels like a promise of new beginnings, a new chance...