Monday, February 11, 2008

Dinner at Tina’s

The Monday before the rest of the dancers arrived, I was included in a dinner party at Tina Henle’s. The daughter of famous photographer Fritz Henle. Tina lives close to our resort on Little Princess in her family home. We dined outdoors on deck perched on the mountain side. On the menu: jambalaya (yes, I cooked), salad, garlic bread and sour orange pie for dessert. Sounds mouth puckering, doesn’t it? But if you like key lime pie, you’ll like this. Legend has it that the original key lime pie was made by Bahamians with sour oranges. When Bahamians emigrated to Key West in the 1800s they found no sour oranges and so substituted the local limes. I found sour oranges when George and I stopped by Rita’s Vegetarian Rasta Café in Fredericksted. Rita, who caters one of the Tropical Dance Vacation dinners, had them on hand to make into a juice she sells.

Tina Henle carries on the family tradition as a wedding photographer for couples who marry on this tropical island. She is also a Kripalu yogini and leads some of the morning yoga offered to the dancers.