Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good Morning, St. Croix

Good Morning, St. Croix Feb. 2

I read 4 guide books before coming .. all mentioned the occasional crimes, hostility and even violence toward tourists … but there was hardly a mention of a simple custom that visitors can follow to show they respect the local culture. Crucians always greet one another before doing any business. So, just take the time to say hello, good morning, George told me, and the people will know how are you … and then ask for what you want.

It was a good morning at the produce market with Beth and Annalise… star apples, carambola (star fruit), egg fruit which tastes like custard, breadfruit which doesn’t, papaya, sour sop, and of course, key limes and grapefruit … lots of hot sauces for sale, local honey, lettuce, Annalisa sipped green coconut milk as we wandered around the adjacent fish market … women cleaned fish in the back of a van … which was not going to be good when it comes to resale, Annalisa quipped. Shark, colorful Queen trigger fish and bright stoplight parrot fish rounded out the expected mahi mahi and snapper.