Sunday, February 17, 2008

Searching Watch-O for Chaney

When I learned about the pretty jewelry made from old blue and white crockery shards (called chaney*) combed from the beaches & ruins of St. Croix, I decided to look for a pair of earrings for a dear friend at home to say thanks for getting me to and from the airport at home. Unfortunately, the jewelry was outside my budget and I decided I would at least like to find a piece or two to take home – maybe I could get it made into earrings later for Diana's birthday.

Doug Frank, who grew up on St. Croix, sent me to an area on the south side of the island, once owned by His family, to scour the hill there. The high craggy hill is called Watch-O for its incredible vistas, and while . I didn’t find any chaney, but I did enjoy the views.

And I did finally get a piece of chaney; Jote kindly gave me a piece she had found. I will have to find my own next year.

*According to Whealan Massicott of Ibdesigns, the name is derived from the words ‘china’ and ‘money’. When local children found them, he says, they would round them out by pounding against stones and use them as play money.

More Views from Watch-O

To the east:

The views to the west are of Hovensa, Hess Oil's refinery in St. Croix.
There is no tax on crude shipped from Venezuela to St. Croix and once refined it's on US soil and can be shipped to the mainland without taxation.

We also met a Senepol along the way:

What was your most interesting adventure in St. Croix?