Thursday, October 7, 2010

Delicious! Help Yourself!

I love the food at Help Yourself! If you care about eating organically and healthfully, you can’t do better in Key West than to Help Yourself! Much of what they serve is raw – imagine that, a raw foodie place in Key West, but they do have cooked and even non-veggie alternatives for people like me. Everything they make is from scratch without refined sugar or grains and with no unhealthy fats.

For lunch today I ate a yummy, wild caught salmon with a maple soy glaze served on a bed of leafy greens. It was so delicious I didn’t need the salad dressing. I brought home a lentil soup for supper.

The ‘farmer’s market’ has moved to Monday – and you can now buy everything in bulk from Help Yourself! every day – grains and nuts! Their raw nut prices beat the local health food store prices by half or better!

Owner Charlie (for Charlotte) Wilson said they may be expanding the market to Sundays. Last winter, the farmer’s market was held on Sundays when the Homestead Coop food is delivered. When the season ended, locals convinced Charlie to keep the market going, so she moved it to Monday when she gets her fresh food delivery. She may make it a two day market when season rolls around.

Help Yourself!
829 Fleming Street (corner of Margaret Street)