Sunday, October 10, 2010

How Lucky Am I! A Sunset To Make Key West Famous

It was a sunset to make Key West famous , when the light and color show in the sky remind you why you came to Key West in the first place. At first, not a cloud as the sky yellows to the falling sun; then suddenly a puff-scape of clouds surprise you, a canvas of tropical tones; the entire sky turns, a dusky rose in the southwest that turns mauve and purple as the palette reaches east.

Did I wish I had my camera? No. There is always a more dramatic sunset to come; often the next day. And the moment is often the more intense when I observe it in the present.

I am enjoying Fort Zach every day. My friend, artist and Key West historian Sharon Wells, says it’s what she likes best about Key West. I have come to agree in these two weeks of swimming there almost daily. In all the years I frequented Key West (which is most of my life) and the 13 I lived in Big Pine, I never visited Fort Zach!

I was never much of a beach person, I just love to swim.

On the way to Fort Zach yesterday, I had to stop; it was the fourth day in a row I had seen the same artist and easel across from the Green Parrot (Key West's most famous "locals" bar); I wanted to see how it was coming. I'm no critic, and know what I like: if I wanted a painting of the Green Parrot, this would work just fine. Steve from the Joy Gallery invited me to be a member of the Key West Trike Club. “You're number 7, you just have to remember 7,” he said.

"Lucky 7," I said, "I can remember that." Steve said he has arrived in Key West 5 months ago and has churned out more than 100 paintings, He said. "I’ve been painting up a storm.”

It was a day for lucky numbers, I had read in the NY Times that 39,000 brides would be married on 10-10-10.

In China, the date is thought to be very “auspicious” numerically. The day is called "shi quan shi mei," which translates to "perfect in every way." The word "shi" also means "10.” More symmetry! In fact brides thought 07-07-07 was auspicious, and 08-08-08. In keeping with that theme, there is a Key West wedding contest for 11-11-11. If you know anyone who would love a destination wedding in Key West – soup to nuts – for 50 guests, send them here:

Karma is learning to run alongside the trike! It’s very cute, and it gets some extra exercise for her; she misses the slope of my front yard in Asheville, I think. We met her “doggleganger, ” Berkely; looks so exactly like Karma, but with longer hair. Almost freaky, as doubles often are. I should have some photos to put up soon; Berkley’ owner, Susan Landrith of Public Dog Parks couldn’t stop snapping! Susan's site lists off leash parks around the country. I promised her photos from Asheville next Spring. But you can send some now if you have them: She has some cute dog videos, too.

Karma is in for a day on her own, and I probably won’t make it to the beach – I am headed up to the Blue Hole on Big Pine Key for The Big Sit, "Bird Watching's Most Sedentary Event. The annual event aims to introduce the casual outdoor enthusiast to bird watching.!/event.php?eid=147691888606154&index=1. I will have to stop in and see Marney (and the gang) at the Good Food Conspiracy on the way.