Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Witches and Wild Ones at the Pet Masquerade of Fantasy Fest 2010

It was a somewhat be-witching afternoon at the Pet Masquerade. The Wizard of Oz seemed to be the most popular theme, with many Wicked Witches of Key West, a few Dorothys, and more Totos than you could toss at a lion.

Glenda, the Good and Pretty Witch of Key West:


As much of the country in recent times, Key West has its share of intolerant, misguided hate mongers confused on the usual concept of a loving God. But you can almost understand this Dog's point of view.

These next two are more typical of Fantasy Fest, without or without the pet dogs. Uh, I mean pet mermaids.

My personal favorite, Genevieve Beaudet, as a Ladybug:

There will be more animals out later … and the rest of the week; some domesticated, but more likely wilder. Feral.

Here are LOTS More Pet Masquerade Photos - including photos of Karma, who went as herself, and hew new friend, a giraffe.